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Examples of the need for a PM Contract
Here are some examples of the importance of the need for periodic maintenance. In two of the pictures the corrosion on the battery cables will cause many issues; shorter battery life due to batteries not charging fully and having to work harder because of the bad connections. It will also shorten the battery charger life by overheating it. During the cleaning of the battery terminals two of the battery cable nuts had to be replaced because they were worn 3/4 of the way through. The other three pictures are examples of loose wires, this machine had intermittent functions for about a week before it completely stopped working. I found that there were two wires completely loose and out of the switch and other terminals you can see here were also at least 3/4 of a turn loose and most were 1 1/2 turns loose. This break down and service call could have been avoided by purchasing an Annual Service Contract from Timbers Equipment Services LLC. The prevention of this one service call plus the down time and loss of production to the customers job will have paid for more than half of the cost of an Annual Service Contract, where the customer gets 4 visits in a year, all these problems would have been caught and handled at that time, on a scheduled visit, rather than an emergency with down time.
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These pictures came out of a machine that just cost its owner thousands of dollars to repair. A good periodic maintenance program (like the Annual Service Contracts offered by Timbers Equipment Services LLC.) could have saved this customer over $3000.00 in one repair invoice.
The need for a PM Contract
Genie GTH1056 boom chain
This picture is of a main lift chain inside of a Genie GTH1056 boom. Lack of proper inspections caused this pulley to ware more than of the way through, and damaged the chain. If this pulley had worn all of the way through it would have then damaged the boom and caused thousands of dollars in repair bills. This customer had someone that was servicing the equipment but that tech never pulled the rear cover off to inspect the inner boom. Also there was a pile of metal shavings 1.5 tall directly below the boom inspection plate. Timbers Equipment Services cannot stress enough how important regular inspections performed by QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS is to keeping repair costs at a minimum. It may seem as though you are throwing money out the door by changing oil and greasing a machine, but when you look at an engine costing somewhere between $5000 to $15000 and up depending on the size and application of the engine it is just a small price to pay to make sure you get every last hour out of your machine.

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